Akiba Jipange Savings Account

This is a excellent facility for members who wish to build up their savings.

Ordinary Savings Account

This is a savings account categorized according to members economic activity; For example Business, Salary, Tea, Coffee etc.

Toto Junior Account

This is a savings account that allows parents or guardians to save money for minors.

Group Account

This is a savings account customized for groups (Chamas Self Help Groups, Partnerships, Cooperative societies, Churches and Clubs).

1. Asset Finance Loan

We facilitate Asset financing for;

a. Motor vehicles (Business and Personal Purposes)

b. Land (Agricultural and commercial)

2. Business Loans and Advances

With the promotion of business enterprises, we offer advances and business loans to boost your entrepreneurial ventures.

3. Salary Loans and Advances

We offer exemplary Salary Loans and Advances to Salaried individuals and civil servants to lessen the financial gaps that may arise.

4. Development Loans

We are pleased to be of service to the people requiring assistance while coming up with developmental projects.

5. School Fees Loans

We offer school fees based loans to help nurture educational levels in our communities

6. Agricultural Loans and Advances

Agriculture has been our pillar for economic growth, at Wananchi DT Sacco you will be provided with affordable Tea, Coffee, Dairy and Horticultural loans and Advances.