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Banking is good for business? Why?

Wanjohi Peter July 26, 2022 News

The banking sector has played a noble role in the strengthening of the economic setup. A significant population relies with the financial providers to boost their business for personal and community growth.

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Banking is good for business? Why?

James Jan 23, 2022 News

The aspect of banking revolves around dynamic sectors. However, financial support is the probable solution to curb poverty levels in the current society.

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Banking is good for business? Why?

James Phelps May 18, 2022 News

Can a business succeed in absence of financial support and discipline. The obvious remedy is no. Hence, the financial institutions are essential in promoting the growth of enterprises.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join Wananchi DT Sacco?

Membership is open to all.

What are the benefits of joining Wananchi DT Sacco?

1. Earning annual dividends on shares and interest on deposits.

2. Customized Loan facilities.

3. Free members education.

4. Your money is safe with us (We are licensed by SASRA).

5. We are one stop shop (NHIF payments)

What do I require to join?

To join you should have;

1.A copy of your ID

2.A copy of your KRA Pin(Where applicable)

3.A passport photo freely taken at the branch

4.At least 1 Sacco share @ kshs. 100

After how long do I qualify for a loan?

You need to be an active member for atleast 3 months.

What Loan Products are available

We offer a variety of loan products that revolve around different sectors. We have agricultural based loans (Tea, Coffee, Dairy and Horticulture), business loans, Pension Loans, salary loans as well as asset financing loans.

How can I access my account?

You can access your account through-:

1. Wananchi M-Cash -> Dial *882*50#

2. M-Wananchi App (Google Play store)

3. Wananchi Authorized Agents across our Branch networks