The idea of forming WANANCHI SACCO was mooted in 1991 by the then Nyeri District Tea Committee and Tea Officer of 1991 – 1993 periods. After the consultations with Tea Growers from the three tea growing areas namely Mathira, Tetu and Othaya Divisions, the society was formed with the aim of helping tea growers to improve their saving and enable them to borrow for different purposes such as development, school fees and funding micro enterprises.

On 14th May 1992, the Society was registered by the Commissioner of Co-operatives in the Ministry of Co-operatives under the name ‘Nyeri District Tea Growers SACCO Society Limited’ under Certificate No. 6531. By then, an interim management committee of ten members manned Wananchi Sacco with only 827 members, two employees and a share capital of Ksh. 1.2 million. 20 years later it has grown to have over 45,000 members, 90 employees, share capital of over 65 million, deposits of over 460 million and a turnover of over 149 million shillings and a loan portfolio of over 400 million.

About Us

Wananchi Sacco Society Ltd mission is to provide well researched financial products and services to economically active kenyans through well interlinked branches for them to achieve their social economic needs.



Wananchi Sacco Building Othaya Kiriaini Rd / Head Office
P.O. Box 910-00106, Othaya.

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