When Wananchi Sacco started in 1992 the members were only tea growers in Nyeri but due to changes in environment and growth challenges together with the members’ needs, Wananchi Sacco expanded to other sectors like dairy, women activities, youth and other off farm business entrepreneurial services. Competition, technological changes and availability of information have made us undertake strategic steps to ensure that we remain relevant to the community we are serving. Furthermore the areas of our operation have since 2007 changed to the whole republic of Kenya so as to serve all Kenyans with our peculiar member based financial services. We are therefore authorized to operate in the whole republic of Kenya. Wananchi Sacco draws its membership and members from the Small-scales farmers and micro-entrepreneurs who contribute savings in form of Shares and Deposits as well as the Front-Office Services. Through the Savings, the members are able to access credit facilities and other available services conveniently and cheaply.

Our outreach to other parts of the country will be gradual and strategic as depicted in our previous growth and expansion and it is also depicted in details in our 2010 - 2014 Strategic Plan. Our growth strategy will continue to be vertical and horizontal and we embrace the changing environment in our country in politics, economic, social and technological advancement. In readiness for this growth we are continually improving in our place of work, prices of our products, and ways of promoting our products and services as well as improving on our Human Resource development and Technology. We have interlinked our branches and with the necessary capital resources mobilized from our members, we will continue to establish more branches but this will be done gradually and strategically. Its vision, mission and objectives are geared towards full participation in poverty reduction and economic recovery in response to the governments recommendations in different governments reports such as the sessional papers 1 of 1986, 6 of 1988, 5 of 1991, 1 of 1996, National and Poverty -2007.

Our Vision / Mission /Core Values


Access to Financial Services for all


Wananchi Sacco provides competitive financial services to members through sound management of resources that enables them uplift living standards in Kenya and beyond.

Core Values

The SACCO is governed by the Co-operative Act and the Rules and the established By-Laws. The Management structure is well established and ensures democracy, transparency, accountability and good return on Investments (ROI) to members. The members have the supreme authority. The members elect delegates who discuss and give the SACCO mandate of operations in the Annual Delegates Meeting (ADM) which is held at the end of every year or can be held as Special ADM for special agenda.

There is a Full Management Board that comprises of 9 members which is sub-divided into various sub-Committees as shown below:

  1. Finance and Administration Committee.
  2. Credit Committee.
  3. Education / marketing Committee.
  4. Audit committee.

The division of the Full Board into Sub Committees is for ease of administration and management of the SACCO and the subcommittees have specific duties.

There is a Supervisory Board that comprises of 3 Members.

Staff Structure has Top, Middle and Lower levels whereby the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the Top most and acts as the link between the Board and the Staff. The departments in the SACCO are Administration, finance, Business Development strategy and marketing, credit, information and computer technology, internal audit and operations and they are all headed by qualified and competent staff.